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Best Foods to Cure 2 popluar Girl Problems

Nix insomnia, anxiety, cramps, constipation, and more women’s health woes with these everyday foods you never knew had magical powers

We talk a lot about the benefits of certain foods—for instance, how berries pack antioxidants or fish provide omega-3s—but that may not mean a whole lot to you on its own. (Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean a whole lot to us either.) Wouldn’t it be easier to know what foods can help with your most irritating daily issues? We thought so too, which is why we’re giving you the rundown on how to beat everything from bloat to mental fog, menstrual cramps to insomnia. Take it from the nutrition experts when it comes to these 2 lady probs.


What to eat: 

A plant-based, high-fiber, low-fat diet; whole-grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits

Why it works: 

According to Dana Hunnes, Ph.D, RD, a senior dietitian at RR-UCLA Medical Center, research shows that the prostaglandins influenced by our estrogen levels are responsible for menstrual cramps. “According to one study from the British Medical Journal, a high-fiber, low-fat diet that is primarily plant-based decreases estrogen concentrations—since estrogen production increases with dietary fat consumption—and decreases prostaglandin production, ultimately decreasing the amount of pain we feel from menstrual cramps,” she explains.


What to eat: 

Yogurt, beans, chia seeds, oats, papaya, water

Why it works:

You’re looking for a combination of probiotics to regulate, fiber to help your stools pass easily, and fluids to flush. “The probiotic bacteria in yogurt help regulate digestion, while the fiber in beans, peas, lentils, and chia seeds help move everything along,” says dietician and writer Jessica Cording, MS, RD. “Aside from being high in bloat-fighting potassium, papayas also contain an enzyme called papain that aids in digestion.”

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