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How to Relieve the Major Cause of Arthritis

The predicaments associated with arthritis can largely be prevented if people take more notice of prevention rather than seeking a cure. There is no relief if the joints affected are infected but what causes that condition is usually a health issue, and diet is a big part of it. Women are frequently major patients because they provide the meals for their families. These typically include the very substances they need to avoid.

A healthy joint is one that moves liberally with no restrictions. The bones glide over one another because of the articular cartilage that buffers the bony surface. This is lubricated by synovial fluid which is rather thick and is digested by the cartilage when the joint is at rest. When flexed into movement the fluid is squeezed out of it to do its job again.

The easiest way of explaining this is to think of a hinge that is oiled. If it rusts up, one must replace the oil to free it again, but if it is corroded, there is no method of fixing it.

Joints are hinges and when affected, either by a break or a simple knock, they leak the synovial fluid out, and it is substituted by substances that pass through the blood barrier. These include processed foods, such as corn flour, ground-flour, rice. Sugar also plays a role.

The most convenient way to preserve the joints is to protect them when playing sports and to seek immediate treatment for injuries. After that, it is a case of healthy diet and constant consciousness of what brings on arthritis and the food we need to avoid in order to prevent it. As with any medical condition, there are often others causes and effects so there can be no promises.

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