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Latest News on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It has been exposed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is anticipated to feature a 3x optical zoom. The report first spotted on Chinese blogging website MyDrivers and reported by India Today, says that the smart phone will come with 12 MP and 13 MP dual cameras. The 13 MP sensors will feature a broad angle lens, and the 12 MP sensors will feature a telephoto lens on the device.

Samsung lately tweeted saying “Find out what it way to do bigger things on 08 .23 .2017” saying the smartphone to be released on 23 August 2017. The site also stated that the company has initiated sending media to invite for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a note “Do bigger things” on the invite.

The smart phone is predicted to have a massive 6.3-inch display and an S Pen for navigating on the screen. The display of the Samsung Note 8 will be much like the lately released Galaxy S8 by the company. The report also asserts that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched in two phases. South Korea, USA, and the UK are the countries outlined in the first phase. Rest of the market will get the device in the second phase in October. Samsung is yet to confirm the features of the phone.

Samsung has been disclosed of bringing a strong model of Samsung Galaxy S8 called as Samsung Galaxy Active. The phone houses a 4,000 mAh battery (that is much bigger than the S8+) while the body of the phone is made of polycarbonate with the sides protected by metal inserts around the corners. All of this additional insulation and protection makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active 1.5x much thicker than standard Samsung Galaxy S8.

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